About us


"In today’s world everything moves faster. Customers adopt technology faster than organizations. We believe that only those organizations that keep up with the speed of their customers will prosper." - Bas Cohen, Managing Partner One2Ten.


  • One2Ten Real-time Feedback Solutions is an innovative data technology company that provides organisations with 24-hour, real-time, stakeholder insights.
  • One2Ten partners organisations that want to improve intrinsically and innovate with the use of real-time feedback.
  • Our unique view on multichannel data collection and our advanced dashboards provide valuable stakeholder insights.
  • We deliver an innovative multichannel feedback solution online (email, app, QR) and onsite, with hardware.
  • Our user-friendly interface design and ‘Touch & Go’ philosophy ensures ease of use.
  • We are happy to support you throughout the data capture process: from setting up the process to interpreting the results and taking subsequent steps.
  • We believe that an optimal experience of the stakeholder is the driving force for growth.

Where can you find us?

  • One2Ten has offices in the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Our story

  • One2Ten was founded in 2014 by Bas Cohen from an earlier conviction that giving feedback can and should be done differently by making it more relevant, real-time and effective.
  • With the acquisition of an existing solution, a lot of research, reprogramming of the software and attracting highly experienced partners and market professionals, One2Ten has grown into an innovative global organisation.
  • One2Ten focuses on developing clear, user-friendly dashboards so that you can easily apply and use the data that you have collected.
  • Several enthusiastic Managing Partners have joined One2Ten to further grow the company.


  • One2Ten is attention-focused - we pay attention to customers, employees, stakeholders to gather data and turning them into actionable insights.
  • The One2Ten culture is one of creativity, innovation and pro-activity.

One2Ten principles

  1. ATTENTION: Capturing feedback from customers, employees and processes means capturing their attention.
  2. REAL-TIME DATA COLLECTION: Receive data as close to the moment as the questionnaire was completed.
  3. MULTI-INSTRUMENT: Accessible to everyone through a stand, email, app, web or QR code.
  4. RELEVANCE: Short but powerful questionnaires with topics that really matter.
  5. ADAPTIVE QUESTIONNAIRE: A score is nice, but the reason behind it is most important. 
  6. FLEXIBLE RATING SCALE: No fixed scale. You choose. From 1-3 to 1-10, NPS, CES or own benchmark.
  7. CONTINUOUS: Not once a year, but a continuous process of measuring and improving.
  8. HIGH RESPONSE: Multiple response due to larger and wider accessibility of the instruments used.
  9. REAL-TIME CUSTOMISED DASHBOARDS: See the results in real time, using custom filters.
  10. EXECUTIVE SUMMARIES: Receive periodic executive summaries, created by our professionals to keep you focused.
  11. PARTNERSHIP: You know your market the best, but we like to help analyse and take follow-up steps.
  12. TOUCH & GO: Attractive touch & go user interface with intuitive user-friendliness.

The One2Ten method

  • Ask your stakeholders regularly for feedback - relevant feedback provides insights and stimulates innovation that improves organisations and performance.
  • A high response provides valuable information but depends on when you ask for feedback and how you ask. Your target group will stop if it is too late, too long or too boring.
  • Why send an email if you have just seen your customer? You get remarkably high response rates when you collect feedback on location. Your customer is still in the middle of the experience. That way you reach a wider range of customers.

Questionnaire content

  • The NPS is measured with one simple question: "How likely are you to recommend Service/Product to a friend or colleague?" Our technology calculates the NPS score, which gives you insight to the satisfaction levels of a product or service that can be compared over time. 

Continuous improvement

More and better feedback

  • The ideal process commences with determining the objectives.
  • We then carefully complete the entire stakeholder journey to determine the ideal time and place for asking for feedback.
  • We advise on a solution that delivers the highest qualitative response - with this you can really start to intervene, improve and innovate.
  • We assist in creating and building a balanced questionnaire to make it relevant and stimulating.
  • Finally, we build a logical and comprehensible dashboard for you to track experience and satisfaction. 
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