About us


"In today’s world everything moves faster. Customers adopt technology faster than organizations. We believe that only those organizations that keep up with the speed of their customers will prosper." - Bas Cohen, Managing Partner One2Ten.


One2Ten Realtime Feedback Solutions is a fast-growing innovative data technology company that provides organizations 24-hour real-time insight into the perception of customers, clients, employees and other stakeholders.

One2Ten is the partner of organizations that want to improve intrinsically and innovate with the use of real-time feedback. Our unique view on multichannel data collection and our advanced dashboards provide valuable insights into the experience of customers and employees. Real-time and continuous.

One2Ten delivers innovative multichannel feedback solutions, online (email, app, QR) and on-site, with attractive self-developed hardware. The adaptive questionnaires are short and intuitive, focusing on the reason behind the score. The user-friendly user interface design and the Touch & Go philosophy ensure high response rates.

The way feedback is requested contributes to the customer experience. Feedback questions is giving attention. We are happy to support you throughout the feedback process: from setting up the feedback process to interpreting the results and taking subsequent steps.

We believe that an optimal experience of the customer, employee and stakeholder is the driving force for growth.

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Where can you find us?

One2Ten has delivered proven solutions to customers in hospitality, leisure, healthcare, facility management, professional services, global corporates and retail. We also work together with partners who use our solution. One2Ten has offices in the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Our story

One2Ten was founded in 2014 by Bas Cohen from an earlier conviction that giving feedback can and should be done differently by making it more relevant, real-time and effective, away from boring, long conventional questionnaires at a later stage. With the acquisition of an existing solution, a lot of research, reprogramming of the software and attracting highly experienced partners and market professionals, One2Ten has grown into an innovative organization with more than 20 enthusiastic employees spread over 4 locations.

One2Ten then focused on developing clear, user-friendly dashboards. Easy to adjust and operate on intuition. After all, the vision revolves around the fact that you can really apply and use the information that you have collected.

Meanwhile, several enthusiastic managing partners have joined One2Ten to further grow the company. And with result. We are proud of the beautiful organizations that we now have access to our clientele, organizations that operate in various different segments.


One2Ten is all about attention. Attention for customers, employees, stakeholders and attention for each other. It is a central theme for One2Ten team. The One2Ten culture is one of creativity, innovation and pro-activity. We, of course, also use feedback, because who does not want to become or remain the best in his or her branch.

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