Care is service. De Leyhoeve constantly improves the quality of Aged Care

Residential landscape De Leyhoeve is a forerunner in the ‘Radical Care Renewal’ and accommodates 400 people. De Leyhoeve answers the question: how can you grow old gracefully, or rather stay gracefully young.

The needs of the residents of the Leyhoeve is always the starting point. Providing care is providing service. Through understanding and implementing the customer’s wishes, the Leyhoeve looks like a five-star hotel and has combined the facilities of a hotel with very good care.

When the new quality framework was introduced, Laurens van Rij, CEO of De Leyhoeve, took the opportunity to do things differently. De Leyhoeve was looking for an innovative quality measurement system that could integrate with other systems. They were looking for a feedback solution with which they could continually measure quality and follow improvements.

Laurens van Rij: “We want to be a self-learning organization that is continuously improving. Because today a score of 9, does not mean you will get the same tomorrow. You have to measure your services every day to know what’s going on. We do not just want to analyze but we want to immediately intervene to improve.”

Feedback from residents, visitors, caretakers and staff
Laurens: “With O2T stands we measure the perception of the restaurant and parts of our residential landscape in an anonymous way. This is the questionnaire of the organization ‘Zorgkaart Nederland’. The well-being of the residents and caretakers is measured monthly with tablets and that research really goes into the depth. We also measure employee satisfaction on a continuous basis. ”

Start the morning with feedback
“The first thing I do in the morning is looking at my various dashboards and KPIs. When I see a decline in satisfaction with the One2Ten dashboard, we immediately switch on. For example, we plan a ‘living room interview’ with those involved, such as residents, employees, informal caretakers and family. The quick intervention has really given us a bird’s-eye view, as a result of which we see a continuous upward trend” says Laurens.

Coherence in satisfaction
Laurens: “We are now doing a number of things differently than in the beginning because of the insights. We really see a connection between the satisfaction of the staff and the satisfaction of the residents in the respective living rooms. That is why measuring the experience of both groups is so important. ”

Positive reactions from residents and employees
“The reactions of the residents are very positive because they also see that we are really do something with the feedback. This means that they continue to participate and provide us with their opinion. The interface is also quite understandable for both residents and staff. In the beginning, the employees had to get used to seeing the direct feedback so transparently, but now they see it as very positive because it is part of the learning capacity of our organization. The feedback is also accessible to all employees. They can see their own score, but also those of the other living rooms. This is how they learn from each other. Now it has even become a sport between the living rooms to get good reviews” says Laurens.

Notifications linked to actions
“What I find a huge advantage of One2Ten compared to other traditional care measurement systems,” continues Laurens, “is the possibility to link the feedback to other systems such as our real estate, hospitality and care system. In the Netherlands, the number of ‘MIC reports’ is recorded everywhere. But it is difficult to link the report to an improvement.”

“With One2Ten we have managed to connect this via the measuring system through which they are related. We now integrate the feedback with the care system and the MIC reports, linking everything together for continuous improvement. The result is that we have noticed a reduction in the number of MIC reports, which shows that we are doing the right things.”

Co-creation of the best solution
“One2Ten has very well fulfilled our wishes to establish the connection between the different groups and systems we use in a new quality measurement system. We have been able to provide an answer to the new quality framework and are becoming a learning organization”, says Laurens.

The Leyhoeve also speaks about cooperation with One2Ten. “What we are really entitled to in the cooperation are the short lines and the joint search for the best solution. We really made the product together.”

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