Customer feedback determines policy at Van Leeuwen by continuously measuring CX

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group is an international trading company and specialist in steel pipes and pipe applications. From a worldwide network of stock-keeping locations they offer a wide range of customized pipe products and services.
In The Netherlands, the account managers have been working with the One2Ten app for three years now, requesting immediate feedback on various topics during their customer visit. This way Van Leeuwen has a continuous picture of the experience of its services. Van Leeuwen sought a new modern way of their customer feedback research and found it with One2Ten.

E-mail responses were diminished

Charlotte: “Previously, we organized a KTO once every 2 years, via the Internet, where we approached our customers via e-mail. However, it became increasingly difficult to receive a response. The responses reduced year after year.

“We were looking for a new modern method for measuring customer feedback and ended up at One2Ten. The way of asking short questions in an attractive way with an IPad to the customer was exactly what we were looking for. We were also able to reduce the number of questions with the One2Ten method enormously, from 30 to 10 questions. In 2 minutes the customer gives his feedback, and this has greatly increased the response “says Charlotte.

Continuous insight on customer feedback view

Charlotte: “The One2Ten dashboards always give me an up-to-date picture on the customer feedback, I always have insight into the latest state of affairs. The dashboards provide a lot of information and are visually appealing. The infographics are also very easy to use in my own reports and that works very well.”

Charlotte: “It is a fun and trendy tool with great ease of use for the customer. We also receive so-called “alerts” when we reach scores below 6. We think we should take immediate action here. These are customers who are clearly dissatisfied with something, so we want to pay attention to that immediately.”

Adapt policies of the customer

“In the cockpit the branches can compare and learn from each other. You can also easily click through to the details per location. We collect information about all aspects of our services, such as accessibility, staff expertise, our range of products and services, our delivery, invoicing and our communication. Based on the results, we determine our policy” according to Charlotte.

Charlotte: “With the research we have gained insight into our strengths and weaknesses. We therefore know what our customers value in us and also where we need to improve ourselves. There were some issues that we thought we were doing well but the customer thought differently, we immediately picked up.”

Working together

“The internal reactions are very positive. Everyone is convinced that customer feedback is valuable information because the customer says it. The results are used mainly by the management, commerce and logistics. The results have helped us tremendously to continuously meet customer needs “, says Charlotte.
Charlotte: “The contact with One2Ten is pleasant, personal and informal. I noticed that the account manager was able to empathize with our company and our way of working. That helps enormously. There is also a lot possible and everything is negotiable. Proactive improvements are also being made, such as the new dashboard. ”

Digital but personal

Charlotte: “An important challenge in customer contact for us is, that on the one hand the need for digital solutions and services and on the other hand the need for personal contact and attention. We are committed to both axes with innovations and investments in digital services, but also with new sales offices closer to the customer, such as our new office in the Achterhoek.”

“Van Leeuwen decided a few years ago that the client survey had to be taken personally during customer visits. I found a paper questionnaire inefficient and old-fashioned. The One2Ten method was exactly in line with our desire to arrive at the customer with a modern and trendy tool. The customer can complete the survey within 2 minutes and the results are processed directly in the dashboard, which is accessible 24/7 and up to date. Perfect for us! “