One2ten will help you to set up your customer feedback portal and help to identify your goals and targets. We will setup and execute your survey. A survey that can change in 1 hour. Our time to market is maximum 5 days and the first results are visible in a couple of days. Real-time results are shown by our dashboard which is in the cloud. Location or departments can be split and customized for managers and executives, all on a real-time basis.

Four pillars to run a customer feedback portal

Why and what if
• Set objectives and targets. ‘What do you want to know’?.
• Pre-agree change procedures and responsibilities.

Engage the customer
• Make the customer feel engaged and taken seriously.
• Show the customer that the company is making efforts to improve themselves and empower staff to steer instantly.
• Allow frontline staff to steer and interact with customer instantly using real-time reporting.
• Install ‘over-all’ boss for executive participation.

Share feedback
• Share feedback throughout the organization, from executive, frontline to back-end level.

Enable change & follow up
• Facilitate customer friendly changes.
• Follow up with customer and staff.