Customer Experience

An unforgettable experience with you will stay with your customers. It makes customers enthusiastic. And that is important, because enthusiastic customers stay with you, come back and make sure that you are recommended. They are essential for the continuity of your organizations.

Whether your customers are enthusiastic about you can measure via a simple one question; the NPS. This question answers how likely it is that you are recommended on the scale of 0 to 10. A high NPS is important because a high NPS correlates with high profits from organizations.

Insight into enthusiasm through continuous measurement

Making customers enthusiastic requires effort and requires insight. Because what is an optimal customer experience exactly according to your customer. When will it be hit? Enthusiasm is not achieved when you only deliver or do what you promise. You must go beyond that. It requires an extra effort. It requires extra attention.

By having 24/7 insight into the feedback from your customers you can follow how it is with the enthusiasm of your customers and the NPS. By following the results of your measurements every day and following up the feedback with the desired improvements, you are continuously working on a better customer experience.

Surprise your customer

Customers also want to be surprised. What is the moment in the customer journey where the customer expects the basis from you and at which point you should and can exceed the expectations. If you do that, is it appreciated? Only by continuously measuring the experience before and after you can see whether your efforts are effective.

Importance of knowledge and monitoring of the customer journey

With one2Ten we make it easy for you. We ensure that we ask for feedback close to the moment of customer experience or very soon after. At the moment the customer is still with you and the memory is fresh. Then you receive a relevant feedback that you can use. By following up the feedback carefully and dealing with it in an Agile way, you can see what improvement actions can directly result and make your client happy.