Why choose One2Ten?

Effective datacollection

Stand, App, QR code? Everything is possible. We have feedback solutions for every situation. What and where is the ideal time to measure?

Better and more fun questionnaires

Touch & Go questionnaires. High response rates through intuitive, adaptive, creative questions. Giving feedback should be fun and easy.

Customized dashboards

Compose your ideal dashboard. Just view the results and actions realtime via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Wherever you are.

Customized advice or tool

We support organizations in the entire process. From customer journey to analysis. Or you can take only the feedback technique with us.

Flexible set-up

With our modules you can request specific feedback: from customers, employees, guests or clients. Per project, branch, region or country. 

Wide Usage

Every organization benefits from relevant, qualitative feedback. Better insight leads to better business results.