Measuring applications experience and quality

From stand alone to enterprise solutions

The ‘on the spot’ asking for feedback in the hospitality sector via a stand or tablet is an outcome because contact details are often unknown. Request the experience realtime immediately while the customer is still with you. One2Ten delivers its solution to hotels, airports, congress centers, museums and for events.

Better customer insight ensures better care. Real-time measuring on location with the One2Ten stand and app provides a solution to measure the well-being of residents, visitors and staff at healthcare institutions. One2Ten solutions support both youth and elderly care as well as first and second line care with various tailor made solutions.

Maintaining good and solid relationships in professional services is extremely important. Independent measurement of the experience with the firm through a professional questionnaire of One2Ten contributes to the appearance that the opinion of the customer is highly valued and that something is done with the feedback.

The consumer is very willing to give feedback when one feels involved with the organization but also when the participation is asked personally. Why send an e-mail at a later stage if the customer is currently with you? Measure feedback on location and get immediate insight to quickly respond to your target group.

Continuously improve the experience of your facilities, buildings and catering by asking your visitors for feedback in real time on the spot. Measuring the experience of visitors of whom you do not have contact details is actually not possible in any other way than with a stand or tablet on location. It is our specialty.

How do you keep track of the performance and consistency of your services when your company extends over several countries or continents? The One2Ten solution has a modular structure so that you can follow the experience with all your processes, departments or branches in a dashboard by all customers and employees.