Customer satisfaction in Business to Business

Customer journey as a starting point

Our first step is to map your Customer Journey together so that every moment of contact becomes clear. We then jointly examine which moments should be included in the research in order to get a broad and deep picture of the experience of the customer. Here, a distinction is made between items that are broadly defined, and items that can be managed at the employee level themselves.

Employee satisfaction

Not only the experience of a customer, but also that of the employee is important in steering and improving the quality and satisfaction. Ultimately, the chances of your customers’ satisfaction are greatest when the employees are satisfied. But how do you find out how satisfied and committed your employees are. From the positive health of your employees according to Machteld Huber, to well-being themes and leadership qualities. One2Ten has the knowledge and experience to draw up the right research, every time in a way that best suits. And continuously, so that the impact of change processes can be visibly mapped out.

business client satisfaction

Improve performance and relationships by continuously measuring the quality of your service, transactions and the satisfaction of your business relations. One2Ten specializes in setting up a complete B2B feedback portal.

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group

An example of a One2Ten customer in the Business-to-Business is Van Leeuwen Pipe Group, a globally operating trading company and specialist in steel pipes and pipe applications. From a worldwide network of stock-holding locations, they offer a wide range of customized pipe products and services. Every day, their employees use their specialist knowledge of sourcing, project management, logistics and stock planning for customers in the Industry and Energy markets.

In the Netherlands, the account managers work with the One2Ten feedback app, so that they can request feedback on various topics immediately and on the spot during their customer visit. This gives Van Leeuwen a sharp and complete picture of how their service is experienced. And they receive important tips for improvement so that they can continue to innovate on the basis of customer needs.

van leeuwen customer satisfaction survey - one2ten

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