Managing Customer and Employee Experience and improving NPS in a global B2B market

In B2B, customer experience differs from the way you manage experience B2C. Does it? At One2Ten we believe it is all about treating customers and employees as advisors rather than data points, asking the right questions and giving attention.

Modular construction as a starting point

One2Ten’s feedback solutions are modular and multi-location. This means that you determine which parts and locations (national or international) participate in the feedback process. The data is ultimately stored per location and part, after which you can filter and compare yourself based on region, country and location. Whether it concerns customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, an evaluation or an audit process.

GPS performance map

Results are registered real time per location, country, region. If you wish, we project these results into a (world) map, with varying colors depending on the scores. This gives you a very clear overview, when and where you want. For example, in the arrival language?

Beyond NPS: NPS Building blocks

To really understand NPS, we firstly need to ask our customers how they think about us. But ask nicely, and truly involve in and understand what to ask, when and why. Make giving feedback relevant, for yourself and your customers. Using the One2Ten adaptive question script gives you insight in the reasons behind a score.

As in B2C and B2B market, NPS is used as a major metric to measure satisfaction. We treat NPS as an overall experience metric that has three main domains:
Products: How satisfied were you with the products and services we provided?
Operations: How efficient and excellent were our operations in delivering these products?
Engagement: Have we succeeded in putting your needs and wishes central?

Employee engagement

Not only the experience of your customer, but also that of the employee can be important in steering and improving the quality and satisfaction. Ultimately, the chances of your customers’ satisfaction are greatest when the employees are satisfied. But how do you find out how satisfied and committed your employees are. And how does this differ per region and country? One2ten has the knowledge and experience to draw up the right research, every time in a way that best suits. And continuously, so that the impact of change processes can be visibly mapped out.

corporate client satisfaction data analysis

How do you keep track of the performance and consistency of your service when your organization extends over several countries or continents? How do different countries and regions compare with each other? What can they learn from each other?

global nps rating research

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