Healthcare Research

First and second-line care

Healthcare can and must be improved. There is currently a lot of discussion about how the quality of care can be better mapped. One2Ten offers user-friendly and uniform tools for each care part.

Increasingly, the patient’s experience is central when it comes to customer satisfaction in healthcare. For too long, the voice of the patient was not sufficiently expressed, partly as a result of long and complicated questionnaires filled with less relevant subjects.

Youth Services

Not only the parents but also children have a voice. We listen to both by enabling them to provide feedback on how they experience the treatment in an accessible way. The moment it suits them, and in the way that they find familiar.

Elderly care

A sound quality management system is one of the new requirements within the new quality framework for care for the elderly. By engaging in conversation with residents and informal caregivers, it is possible to set out improvement programs in order to improve the life of the resident and his or her own direction. One2Ten has professionals who help with the mapping of a quality of care, through the eyes of the resident, caregiver and employee. Whether you use Positive Health theory, the Groninger Welvastinden Index or your own designed compass. One2Ten implements your concept on the basis of user-friendly and thorough feedback tools, aimed at setting out improvement processes and evaluating their impact.

Some One2Ten customers in healthcare in the Netherlands

• Healthcare Institution De Leyhoeve measures the experience of visitors and staff in ten nursing homes via One2Ten columns. The experience of employees, informal careers and visitors of the facilities is also measured via the One2Ten solution and displayed in a clear dashboard.

• Care provider Evean is currently providing two care homes with the One2Ten solutions to follow the experience of residents and employees.

Interested in continuous monitoring of quality of care?