Healthcare Research

There is a constant need to improve quality of our health care. However, how to best assess the quality of care remains an item for discussion. One2Ten believes in implementing multi-instrument and user-friendly measurement tools that enables the true voice of patients.

Primary care and Ancillary Services

A patients’ personal experience is increasingly becoming the point of focus when it comes to assessing quality in healthcare. For too long the voice of the patient has not been truly heard due to long and complicated questionnaires with often irrelevant questions set up by government organizations rather than patients and care takers.

One2Ten offers instruments that measure real time and on-site patient experience using short but effective questionnaires that deal with matters close to the patient.

nursery home satisfaction survey

Youth care / Youth Services

Not only their parents but children themselves have a voice when it comes to patient experience. By enabling them to give feedback in an easy and accessible way that suits their situation, valuable feedback is collected that helps improve insight.

Aged care

Quality management is becoming an important part in aged care. Through well thought of feedback platforms that measures care quality through the eyes of the elderly and their direct care takers, clear improvement paths can be listed and evaluated that optimizes quality of life.

One2Ten implements quality management platforms using patient and employee feedback. Whether you make use of the Positive Health theory, the Groninger Wellbeing Indicator, or your own thought of compass. One2Ten implements your concept on the basis of user-friendly and in-depth feedback tools, aimed at facilitating an improvement process and evaluating its impact.

healthcare satisfaction questionnaire
patient satisfaction survey

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