Customer satisfaction survey

The 'on the spot' asking for feedback in the hospitality sector via stand or tablet is an outcome because contact details are often unknown. Request the experience realtime immediately while the customer is still with you. One2Ten delivers its solution to hotels, airports, congress centers, museums and for events.


Hotels sell a unique experience to their guests. Unique in personal attention, quality and service. But how unique is this? What could be better in the eyes of the guest? By far the most feedback is collected at a later stage and by e-mail, via sites that present it loudly and broadly. One2Ten offers the possibility to ask your guests about their experience. During their stay, after checking out or at another time when they are still with you. Accessible to anyone, via a column, a handheld tablet, a QR code or per individual e-mail invitation. This way you hear the voice in the width of all your guests.


Restaurants also need honest feedback with which they can understand what is and what is not going well, and where they can improve. Often this feedback is received retrospectively online on various external platforms. This leads to feelings of dissatisfaction at Food & Beverage departments, one feels at ease with the arbitrariness of online feedback. Ask for it yourself, immediately on location and share your own feedback via widgets on your website.

hospitality customer survey


Many guests in the hospitality sector often only receive the question at a later stage about how they have experienced their stay. This usually goes via an e-mail or website, which means that a large part of the target group is not reached.


An event is a unique gathering of visitors, exhibitors and speakers. The experience of the moment often determines what one thinks of the organizer and whether one wants to come back. By asking feedback on location you are able to capture the emotion that is felt at that moment. The degree of involvement in giving feedback is also up to 10 times higher than giving feedback the day after, because the experience is then fresh.

Some of our clients in hospitality

  • National Gallery of Singapore
  • Worldmusum Rotterdam
  • Various Hotel Chains
  • ING Bank – yearly events

Employee Engagement

In the hospitality sector, the employee often directly influences the customer experience. Many of our customers also continuously measure employee satisfaction in addition to customer satisfaction in order to be able to follow the connection between the two.


national gallery customer survey

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