Real-time CX feedback on location increases service at Technische Unie

Technische Unie is a national wholesaler for the electrical engineering branch, plumbing, heating, climate technology and household appliances. Everything revolves around the customer at Technische Unie. In order to continuously lead the way as a market leader, Technische Unie does everything to unburden its customers in all their activities.

Installers must be able to do their work quickly and well. They must be aware of the latest innovations. The range and service package from Technische Unie is fully geared to these customer needs. To continuously know whether Technische Unie meets customer requirements, it measures customer satisfaction directly on location at all their 38 branches, real-time with the interactive CX feedback solution of One2Ten.

All important aspects of their services are measured and monitored per branch. The One2Ten solution enables Technische Unie to act very quickly based on the customer experience (CX) feedback results. Thanks to this, the employees can quickly make adjustments and improvements on location to continuously maintain the level of service.

Continuous insight, continuous improvement

Formula manager of Technische Unie, Ronald Ruijter: “Measuring customer satisfaction is a part of an internal program, Service Center of the Year, where we follow everything and continuously improve where necessary. We monitor on a daily basis, the store experience, customer satisfaction, turnover, but also employee satisfaction. With continuous measuring of feedback, to customers and employees, we want to respond optimally to customer requirements. ”

NPS and analyze the open feedback

Arno van Dongen, market researcher at Technische Unie: “We measure the recommendation intention with the NPS and also receive many open answers. These are very important to us because we can quickly switch on location on specific topics. If, for example, we get too many reactions about long waiting times, we will immediately link these back to the locations to take measures. ”

Arno: “The One2Ten solution ensures that the customer can give the opinion very quickly, in 15 seconds, via the easy and appealing questionnaire in the stand. And that through a structured method. This was decisive for us because we do not want to burden the customer with long questionnaires on location, he has to be able to quickly get back on the road to the next job.”

Complete insight with dashboard for everyone

Ronald: “The One2Ten dashboards with the results are very clear and easy to use. They provide the NPS and report figures per site and I can click very easily and quickly to call up the data per cluster, per sales office and make crossings for deeper insight and analysis. In this way, local management can quickly intervene and act proactively on the basis of customer feedback. ”

Arno: “From the CX feedback we got a clear top five list of improvements that indicated how important the role of the employees is in the interaction with the customer in the service center. The customer wants to be advised. The customer actually demands from our employees that they think along and come up with solutions. They want to be proactively guided to some products. The opinion of the employees is also very important, after all they are the linking pin between the customer on location and Technische Unie as an organization, their experience is also essential for us.”

Control by local management with the results

Ronald: “The One2Ten solution gives our local management the opportunity to give guidance to the employees based on the CX insights and what is going on with the customers. We are now measuring a year with One2Ten and you see that it really gets its place in the organization. The results are used at internal- and business meetings. ”

Ronald: “We also strive for complete transparency. We give all employees of the service centers their own login so that they can see their own score. The results are now being used everywhere and are part of our discussions. We want to go a step further by also showing the results of customer satisfaction on the TV screens on the locations, so we can immediately inform the customer on location what feedback has been given. ”

Quick and proactive

Arno: “We were looking for a solution for continuously measuring customer satisfaction that works attractively and quickly on location. By using stands and very short questionnaires, we get a high response rates. What also surprised us was the high NPS we received at the locations, which we found very positive. We like working with One2Ten very much. They have been thinking about which CX feedback solution would suit best for us and acted real quick and proactive. We like that speed of action, because we also deliver this to our customers.”