Weekly employee feedback for the municipality Harderwijk via One2Ten

The municipality of Harderwijk serves many customers: residents, entrepreneurs, tourists and others. It knows that satisfied employees are crucial for satisfied customers. It is therefore very important for the municipality to know continuously whether its employees are satisfied with their work.

In addition to their bi-annual employee satisfaction survey, the municipality of Harderwijk measures its staff’s satisfaction with the One2Ten feedback solution by sending pulse survey’s for employee feedback on a weekly basis.


In the various office spaces the One2Ten feedback stands are placed in strategic locations to tempt the staff to answer one question every week. This method yields a huge response. Every week, at least 100 of the approximately 250 employees take part in the survey, which means the Harderwijk municipality has continuous insight into employee satisfaction and involvement through their feedback.

Transparent work environment

Christian Visser, Executive Secretary of the Municipality of Harderwijk: “The open and transparent feedback with One2Ten fits in very well with us. After a major renovation, we have opted for an open, welcoming and transparent working environment. Hospitality is an important theme for the municipality. Regular and open questions about the satisfaction of the residents of the town hall fit in perfectly with that.”

Quick switching with Employee feedback

Christian: “Every day I want to know how people feel about working at the municipality of Harderwijk. The solution of One2Ten gives me the opportunity to follow this continuously. I use the One2Ten feedback solution in addition to our large bi-annual employee satisfaction survey in order to be able to quickly address the issues that come up.”

measuring on location, one question every week

“The employees react very positively as well because it is a fun and interactive way of giving feedback. The response is also much higher than with our traditional research. The One2Ten solution is very flexible: I can place a different question in the feedback app every week. We ask various questions, relating to housing, management, leadership, sports activities and vitality. Every week I can determine which theme we want to measure on the basis of current events” says Christian.

Follow-up and Feedback

Christian: “At the end of the week we communicate the results of the research and what we will do with it on the Intranet. This is very important for the involvement and participation in the weekly surveys.”

“I am very satisfied with One2Ten because it is so easy to use and gives me the opportunity to have real-time insight. What I really like about working with One2Ten is the personal involvement. They really thought about what we want to achieve. I also have very good experiences with the fast and helpful customer service. ”

“The municipality of Harderwijk organizes many meetings for residents, consultation evenings and conferences. I can imagine that in the future we will use the One2Ten feedback stands to collect feedback immediately on location” says Christian.