Knowing what your customers think and feel is essential to stay ahead of the competition.

More satisfaction with One2Ten

  • Multi-language interface for inputting content and viewing results
  • Custom interface using your brand colours to make it easy, fast and fun
  • API connectivity to your business intelligence tool
  • Customised content
  • Possibilities for innovative data collection
  • Multi-channel approaches via app, hardware, email, QR code

Multi-channel Approach


We believe in a multi-channel approach using visually appealing solutions to provide you with actionable insights, achieved through:

  • Our One2Ten app
  • Tablet
  • QR Codes
  • Onsite on location - collecting feedback whilst your customer is still amidst the experience on location produces higher response rates

Questionnaire Design

360 solution to enhance your organisation
  • Connect customer feedback to employees. Embed, implement, change, and evaluate
  • With the One2Ten solution, you get a real-time overview of your stakeholders' experiences or processes on one customisable dashboard
  • Link the customer experience results to your employee experience via our dashboarding
  • Be in control with real-time relevant data

Real-time Dashboard

Insight at every level OF the organisation
  • One2Ten's combined master dashboards give you instant insight into how your processes run, what customers think, and if your employees are engaged
  • With access to our real-time dashboard, results are visible as data is collected on your smart phone, tablet, and computer
  • Analyse your results easily and drill down into sensitivities that may have gone unnoticed or initially thought irrelevant
  • Whilst collecting and analysing your feedback, focus on actions for improvement
  • Filter results per customer group, location, team, period or any other filter required to enable you to understand your data
  • Define what improvements can be dealt with immediately (inner loop) and which items need a wider audience to get implemented (outer loop)
  • Engage your stakeholders by sharing results and progress instantly – use newsletters, a town hall, or narrow casting facilities to share the results
  • Track the impact of your improvements - does new insight show the desired outcome; have improvement paths been explained and implemented correctly?
real time customer feedback

One2Ten specializes in obtaining online and on-site feedback. Online through questionnaires by email, app or QR code. On location by using our attractively designed hardware, such as stands.

customer satisfaction data analysis