Multi instrument survey approach:

• Floor stand
• Table / desk stand
• App only / Bring your own
• QR-code
• E-mail / url
• Browser / pc

We believe in creating access for all, whether you are a patient, a child, a visitor or an elderly citizen. Even if you don’t speak the local language, or do not have access to internet or email. We air their voice by using multiple and bilingual instruments.Instruments with an intuitive and engaging user interface so that giving feedback itself becomes part of the experience itself.

View customer satisfaction survey results instantly

With access to real time dashboards, results of your customer experience and satisfaction survey become visible as reviews are being collected. On your smart phone, tablet, pc or mac. Filter results per customer group, location, team, period or any other filter you like to apply. This way you can understand your data, draw up improvement paths or even intervene immediately where necessary.

one2ten survey stand
nps analysis stand one2ten

Show that you care about feedback

We can design customized stands for you. Impress on location with your own brand colour and design.

data collection stands

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