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Monitor, understand and improve with the feedback from your customers every time you are in contact with them. Customer satisfaction is the key for organisational growth.

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer satisfaction is the key for growth of organisations.

Customer Feedback and Engagement

  • Feedback needs to be gathered continuously to understand your customers; only then are you able to deliver unique experiences that will ensure their return

Make feedback fun again - do it differently

  • No more long, boring questionnaires - make it quick, relevant and intuitive, making feedback fun again

Increase response rates

  • Reach the core of your customers by implementing our technology and hardware

Happy employees make happy customers. Committed and satisfied employees ensure excellent performance in your organisation. Be aware of what is going on and understand your employees.

Employee Experience (EX)

Create Engagement

  • Employee's engagement and performance depend on their workplace experience
  • Understanding what your employee's think and how they feel will enable you to drive excellence
  • Providing a healthy and positive working experience will increase employee loyalty

Continuously measure and improve

  • You need to understand engagement on a continuous basis throughout the entire employment lifecycle
  • Incorporate onboarding, engagement, wellbeing, learning and development, and exit pulse and annual surveys
  • Considering communicating the results to your team - transparency is appreciated

Surveys that inspire - design and themes

  • Positive health, wellbeing and sustainability play a larger role in Employee Experience
  • Spontaneous pulse and/or quarterly reviews are effective ways to gain insight into your employees' experience
  • We facilitate a full range of theme-backed surveys, using multiple feedback tools and intuitive user interface design

Operational excellence is achieved by understanding and continuously improving internal processes, and by always seeing them through the eyes of their users.

Process Experience (PX)

Operational excellence is achieved by understanding and continuously improving internal processes, and focusing on employees' needs.

Rapid measurement

  • One2Ten provides a platform where you can easily identify an issue to find out what can be improved upon
  • Spontaneous, instant and real-time feedback from those who know best
  • Enabling internal feedback on internal processes will increase engagement