Audit Experience

audit questionnaire

Test your findings, evaluate progress, control outcome and act on enhancement paths.

Digital audit process - close the loop

Did you test your findings? Did progress indeed take place? Have improvement programs stemming from customer experience surveys been completely implemented? One2Ten ‘unburdens’ you by digitalizing the process in answering these questions. With the use of user-friendly input tools you audit items, get them to centrally feed a database. Access these data real time, and apply any type of filter you want.

No more expensive consultants

Quality control is key in guaranteeing excellent customer experience. Quality control is also a labor intensive process quite often outsourced to external ‘mystery shopping’ consultants. But why not self-regulated audit on quality, controlling your own set of KPI’s? One2Ten delivers you these tools, customized, real time and multi-location with instant reporting. Cannot get easier than that.

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