How to measure customer satisfaction with One2Ten

No boring, long irrelevant questionnaires anymore

One2Ten principles

  1. ATTENTION: Feedback is attention. That is what we do. For customers, for employees and processes.
  2. REAL-TIME: Not at a later stage, but directly, as close as possible to the moment itself.
  3. MULTI INSTRUMENT: Accessible to everyone: young, old, local or foreign. Through a column, e-mail, app, web or QR code.
  4. RELEVANCE: Short but powerful questionnaires with topics that really matter.
  5. ADAPTIVE QUESTIONNAIRE: A score is nice, but the reason behind it is most important. Also ask for the ‘why’.
  6. FLEXIBLE RATING SCALE: No fixed scale. You choose. From 1-3 to 1-10, NPS, CES or own benchmark.
  1. CONTINUOUS: Not once a year, but a continuous process of measuring and improving.
  2. HIGH RESPONSE: Multiple response due to larger and wider accessibility of the instruments used.
  3. REALTIME CUSTOMIZED DASHBOARDS: See the results directly, in real time, in your own way, using your own filters.
  4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARIES: Receive periodic executive summaries, created by our professionals to keep you focused.
  5. PARTNERSHIP: You know your market the best, but we like to help analyze and take follow-up steps.
  6. TOUCH & GO: Attractive touch & go user interface with intuitive user-friendliness.

The method of One2Ten

Keep moving. Be there before others.

real time customer feedback

One2Ten specializes in obtaining online and on-site feedback. Online through questionnaires by email, app or QR code. On location by using our attractively designed hardware, such as stands.

customer satisfaction data analysis

Relevant feedback improves organizations and performance. It provides insight points and stimulates innovation. Ask your customers, employees and other stakeholders regularly for feedback. A high response provides valuable information but depends on when you ask for feedback and how you ask. Your target group will stop if it is too late, too long or too boring.

Why send an e-mail if you have just seen your customer? You get remarkably high response rates when you collect feedback on location. Your customer is still in the middle of the experience. That way you reach everyone.

Other way to ask

Our unique 'Touch & Go' system results in a very quick answering of questions . Thanks to intelligent adaptive questions, we are able to reduce 35 questions to 10. Fast, simple and inviting. You can also update the questionnaire yourself in no time and provide it with your own house style. When improving your organization, services it is very important to find out where your customer stands. Knowing what your customer thinks and finds is essential if you want to make effective and sustainable changes and stay ahead of the competition.

Realtime dashboard

Through a customized dashboard you have 24/7 real-time insight into all processes you measure. Whether it is customer satisfaction, the well-being of your employees or the sentiment in a project group. Whether it concerns 1 location or 100 branches, whether your head office or all your foreign branches. Everything can be found in a dashboard where you can zoom in on any level. On your computer or smartphone, you have direct access to all feedback. Results are presented in an insightful and understandable way, so that you can see at a glance how you stand.

Possibilities for innovative data collection

Which moment is the most ideal for asking for feedback? Which method is best suited to your organization and the situation of your customer? By going through the customer journey with you, we can advise you on the best way of data collection in your situation. This can be done through the unique, attractively designed hardware of One2Ten or via app or request by email. But also, through innovative ways such as QR codes or AR Technology.