Multichannel feedback

Collecting feedback on location with the One2Ten stands yields the highest response rates because your customer is still in the middle of the experience. But of course, you can also collect feedback via apps, tablet, e-mail, QR codes, web applications or other innovative ways that suit your customer.

Smart and quick setup via Click & Go philosophy

We have developed a fresh look and feel for the app, which we call the 'click & go' philosophy, where the colors make it really easy to fill. The questionnaire has been set up adaptively, which means that the follow-up questions respond well to what the customer is filling in at that moment. This makes your customer's experience of the questionnaire quick and engaging.

With the intelligent design of the questionnaire we can reduce the number of questions to 10. How? By first letting the customers of your organization give a grade and then ask the why. That saves 6 separate questions. And very importantly, you can adjust the questionnaire when you want and respond almost live to matters you want to receive feedback about.

NPS - 24/7 real-time insight into the recommendation intention of your customers

Our app standard calculates the NPS score, which gives you 24/7 insight into the experience of your ambassadors. This 'Net Promoter Score' is a proven way to measure the enthusiasm of your customers. The NPS is measured with one simple question: "How likely is it that you will recommend us to a friend or colleague?" The visitor then fills in a score between 0 and 10.

Questionnaire ready-made or customized

One2Ten has developed many questionnaires over the years. The chances are that you can use one of these questionnaires one-to-one for your feedback processes. A questionnaire entirely tailored for your company is of course also possible.

customer satisfaction rating

We believe in a multi-channel approach, pleasant and short, visually appealing questionnaires that measure the perception of your customers, employees or stakeholders.

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