More and better feedback

Only the technique or guidance through the whole process?

The ideal process starts with determining the objectives. We then carefully complete the entire customer journey to determine the ideal time for asking for feedback and where. When we have completed this analysis, we advise you which method can best be used. We go for the solution that delivers the highest qualitative response, so that we gather broad, strong feedback on that basis. With this you can really get started to intervene, improve and innovate.

We help you draw up a balanced questionnaire to make it relevant and stimulating, and to provide it with the right length and an inviting app design. Finally, we set up the dashboards with you, so that the results are presented logically and comprehensibly. And we determine who is allowed to log in, where they can log in and at which level.

A stand with host or hostess on location

One2Ten has a remarkable range of data collection methods. These can for example be used on one of our pillars with Touch & Go questionnaires.

By measuring on location on the basis of smart questioning and inviting app design, we know how to keep the response rate and the quality of answers very high. These beautiful pillars and bamboo stands have a civilized and inviting appearance. However, the highest response rates are achieved when a host or employee invites people to give feedback.

Feedback successes

- At our customer ING we achieved a response rate of 80% when measuring feedback on their events. Within an hour, 100 of the 120 participants had completed our short questionnaire. Friendly asking is sometimes half the work. - During a pilot at an International Airport, more than 30,000 votes were received in 3 weeks, never before had they received so much feedback. - A retail organization had way higher NPS results via stands on location than with their previous e-mail questionnaire method.

Giving feedback is also part of your customer journey

Completing a One2Ten questionnaire usually takes no longer than 20 seconds. Because of the colors and the visual question, the whole experience of giving feedback gives a nice feeling. That is what customers tell us. The clear design and color development from red to green, the feedback giver immediately shows that a child can do the laundry. This eliminates a major obstacle. It even goes so far as to encourage each other to fill in the questionnaire - a gift that we had not anticipated in advance.

maximum response rate

One2Ten can organize the entire feedback process for you, or part of it. But we can also provide you with only the technology with which you can carry out the process yourself.

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