Measure customer satisfaction survey on location

One2Ten possibilities for data collection:

• Floor stand
• Desk stand
• table-layer
• Our app on your own iPad
• QR-code
• E-mail with a link to the questionnaire
• Website page

We also have many opportunities to request feedback from your customers in a strongly converting and infectious manner. Customers like to give feedback to us. And that is exactly what we want: giving their opinion is part of the total customer experience that your customer experiences with your company. Getting feedback is core to a company's business.

View customer satisfaction survey results live

With the online dashboard you can view the results of your customer satisfaction survey real-time on your smartphone, tablet or computer. So, you have insight into the feedback wherever you are: per customer group, per department, per location, per region and also during an ongoing event. And always with the benchmarks you have chosen. This way you can immediately intervene where necessary.

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