Realtime dashboards

Insight at every level in the organization

The big advantage of the One2Ten dashboard is that you can see how your processes are running 24 hours a day and where things can be improved. At a glance you will see all the information you can use to make adjustments then and there. With the dashboard you can also compare different things. What does the visitor think of one location and what of the other? What are department differences? You can zoom in on detail level and zoom out at the macro level, and you can set who can view which information.

Improve and innovate with the results

After you have collected the desired feedback, you can use the feedback for improvements and innovations. To help organizations turn insights into actions, the One2Ten system can be set up so that it automatically shows lists of improvement points in your dashboard. The system can also take snapshots of the results that are periodically emailed to selected parties. A frequently used application is passing on the results through, for example, narrow casting. This keeps the internal organization closely involved in what customers, employees or stakeholders give back to experiences. The information then really lives and contributes to a company culture with a customer-oriented DNA.

For the real number crackers all data can be downloaded in Excel, just via the dashboard. Therefore, you can carry out any desired data analysis.