Insight at every level in the organization

One2Ten dashboards gives you instant insight on how your processes run, what customers think, and how your employees engage. Real time and continuous, 24/7. Analyze your results by listing scores and items for improvement as you wish, per discipline, per location, per team, time period or any other filter that you want to apply. Zoom in at sensitivities that you have may have never seen, or thought were relevant but never showed up in prior analysis.

Improve and innovate through better insight

Next step, while still collecting and understanding your feedback, is to turn your analysis into improvement actions. Define what improvements can be dealt with immediately (inner loop), and which items need a wider audience to get implemented (outer loop). Engage your personnel and customers on the progress you make by sharing results and progress instantly. Through news letters, a town hall, or narrow casting facilities to share data. And then track the impact of your improvements. Does new and continuous insight show the desired outcome. Have improvement paths been explained and implemented correctly?

Create continuous and incremental improvement cycles.

international customer data collection

For the real number crackers all data can be downloaded in Excel, just via the dashboard. Therefore, you can carry out any desired data analysis.

24/7 realtime insight in all your contacts and processes?